A bridge between digital assets and the real world——XRP MAX Global Launch


With the application value of block chain technology in many fields, more and more people with lofty ideals join the wave of application of physical assets. XRP MAX is the first to hold a global start-up conference in California, USA.


 XRP is the basic currency of ripple network and it can circulate in the whole ripple network. Its total number is 100 billion, and gradually reduce with the increase of transactions. The operating company of XRP is Ripple labs (its predecessor is opencoin). XRP, like Bitcoin, is a digital currency based on Mathematics and cryptography. But unlike Bitcoin, which has no real use, XRP has the main function of bridge currency and security protection in ripple system. The function of security protection is indispensable, which requires that gateways participating in this protocol must hold a small amount of XRP. Therefore, it has been favored by many famous financial institutions and cooperated with them.


Every success in the world is not just accidental. In order to make the ecology of Ripple more creative and viable, founder David Schwartz launched the XRP MAX project with the support of OpenCoin, gathered top technical talents in the field of digital currency, and jointly completed the construction of the underlying technology of XRP MAX. OpenCoin is an institution of creation, operation and maintenance of Ripple, the first open payment network in the world. OpenCoin's ambitious goal is to integrate the global virtual currency and payment system. Users can transfer transactions in US dollar, Euro, RMB and other currencies on the platform, including their own peer currency: Bitcoin. Transactions are simple, it can be completed in a few seconds, and the costs are almost zero. The virtual currency Ripples (XRP, Ripples) developed by Ripples contributes to the above business. Like Bitcoin, Ripples has its own known quota and currently generates 100 billion Ripples. However, unlike the Bitcoin distribution mechanism, Ripples does not need to dig.


The vision of XRP MAX project is to enable tens of millions of users who hold XRP to join in, consume, trade and create value through XRP in the platform, and maximize the flow of XRP. So that each participant of XRP MAX project can contribute to the prosperity and development of Ripple ecology while reaping returns.

 The core members of XRP MAX team have rich industry experience. David Schwartz, the founder of the Ripple Consensus Network, was an architect. Marcus Treacher, co-founder of the Ripple Consensus Network, is a global director of HSBC, responsible for payment security. Internationalized team and experience make XRP MAX from the birth, from the product experience, technical fluency, data security has done a good layout and defense. At the same time, in the process of marketing and product popularization, many early communities were former Ripple business partners. Such a framework ensures that the XRP MAX market can rapidly develop and win trust in many countries and regions.


Next, XRP MAX will take a round trip around the world to bring more block chain enthusiasts into XRP MAX and gain the new wealth.

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